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With a membership in the student union, you contribute to ensuring a high quality education at the Swedish Defense University!
Membership costs SEK 150 / semester and is paid for each semester,
  you can register for a membership via the membership form


Influence during the study period

As a member of the student union, you can be involved in influencing your education and student life at the Swedish Defense University. The student union influences issues in several of the university's decision-making bodies, including the board, research and education committee and the subject council.


Housing for students

As a member, you have the opportunity to stand in the housing queue and apply for student housing at the Stockholm Student Housing Foundation (SSSB).

Mecenat card

The mecenat card is a membership and benefit card for students. As a member of the Swedish National Defense College's student union, you will automatically receive a mecenat card. With the mecenat card, you can buy products, services and travel with a student discount.


Photo: Anders G Warne

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