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Civilian Section

The Civil Section is now seeking new members for the upcoming year of operation - 23/24!

We are looking for representatives from all subjects and programs, both on bachelor and master level. Likewise, don’t hesitate if you are only taking separate courses, you are verry welcome to join! We help students with their rights and other educational matters and exercise student influence in the administration and development of the school in different councils and meetings. Here we get to make a deference that will last longer that us at the university.

Below you will find the section from this past year and the different positions we hold. Both within programs and greater subjects, so don’t hesitate to press the link and get involved! You will get to meet different people from all around the university and se the other side of how this place works and leave a mark that lasts. 

Any questions? Email us at:

Link to get involved


The civilian section is the study monitoring section within the Swedish Defense University's Student Union. As a student, you can turn here if you have questions or need help with something related to your education. Below you will find the names of the civil section's representatives who you can contact with questions or concerns regarding the respective topic and / or the respective program. Email them directly or contact the civil section via our email address;

Section manager: Carl Mäntynen
Deputy Head of Section: Vacant

Secretary: Max Eriksson

Program council

Political science, bachelor's level: Car Mäntynen and Sarah Franzén

Politics, security and crisis: Zoë Younis
Military history, bachelor's level: Jonathan Hedman, Max Eriksson and Elmer Öhgren

Military history, masters: Hanna Lövehed

Innovation, defence and security: Emma Waldén and Nelly Bülow

Leadership and command: Axel Karlsson och Monika Leonaite

International Operational Law: Sarina Anjum, Nellie Bylund and Kristin Haselhofer

War and defence: Duncan Cooper, Michelle Andersson and Linnéa Risfelt

Subject council

Political Science: Carl Mäntynen

Military History: Jonathan Hedman, Hanna Lövehed and Max Eriksson

War Studies: Duncan Cooper, Michelle Andersson and Linnéa Risfelt

Leadership and Command: William Breitholtz and Monika Lionaite

Operational and International Law: Sarina Anjum, Nellie Bylund and Kristin Haselhofer

Defence Systems: Nelly Bülow

International law: Rasmus Lindstedt and Zakarya Ahmedi

Special Representative for International Students: Duncan Cooper and Sarina Anjum

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