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Welcome to SEDU!

Congratulations on your acceptance letter, and a warm welcome to the Swedish Defence University!

We at the student union are diligently preparing for your upcoming orientation period, but we still want to take this opportunity to share our information and checklist for new students, which you can find below!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. You can find a contact form under the "Contact" tab above!

You can find information and schedule for the orientation on the pageInspark 2023!

Checklist for new students

The checklist is long and contains several links, we recommend you use your computer.

1 / Accept your education offer and apply for student aid.

If you have been accepted or received a reserve spot in the first selection round, you need to accept to secure your place. You can do this on

If you want to apply for student aid from CSN, you can do so on Apply well in advance

2 / Register on Ladok

As a new student you will need to register on Ladok. Registration for the autumn semester opens on the 14th of august and closes on the 20th, register via

3 / Get a SEDU account

As a new student you'll need to register for a SEDU account, information can be found under paragraph 4 on the SEDU website.

4 / Find your schedule and syllabus

SEDU uses Timeedit for scheduling, before you have access to your SEDU account, you can find a simplified schedule via this link.

Once you've found your schedule, the next step is to find your syllabus and litterature list! Syllabus and litterature can be found via this link. You can also find course litterature on the student union's book-group on Facebook!

5 / Access card

As a new student, you need to obtain an access card. The Swedish Defence University uses personalized access cards, and in order to create your access card, you will need to have your photo taken. The times for obtaining access cards will be posted on the student portal and will be communicated separately.

Please note that the Swedish Defence University is a protected facility. Visitors are welcome in the open areas of the university (entrance, café, and Anna Lindh Library) between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM on weekdays. Bringing visitors into the restricted areas is a violation of swedish law (skyddslagen), punishable by fines or imprisonment for up to two years.

6 / Find housing

The housing situation in Stockholm is challenging, but the student union would like to provide you with some tips for finding your future accommodation!

As a member of the student union, you can apply for housing through SSSB, which is owned by the Stockholm student unions. Register on! SSSB offers both corridor rooms and private apartments in the city center and nearby suburbs.

Akademisk kvart, operated by the Stockholm student unions, is a bulletin board specifically tailored for students.

Blocket-bostad and have thousands of listings in various price ranges.

There are several housing providers in Stockholm that offer apartments. Bostadsförmedlingen provides both student housing and regular rental contracts from around Stockholm County. Be sure to join their housing queue as soon as possible!

Ask around during the orientation period! Some students may have room for a roommate or be interested in sharing an apartment.

Stockholm is a large city with excellent transportation options! Don't feel limited to living in the city center. The Swedish Defence University is located right next to the Roslagsbanan commuter train, which opens up large parts of northeastern Stockholm County. There is also the Metro, which reaches many parts of the nearby suburbs, and the Pendeltåg commuter train, serving the entire Stockholm County! A commute time of 45-60 minutes is not uncommon.

7 / Sign up for the inspark and join our Facebook group!

The student union's introductory weeks is a highlight for many students at the Swedish Defence University! You will have the opportunity to meet your future classmates and get to know the student culture at SEDU. You can find more information about this year's orientation event on the page Inspark 2023!

Join our Facebook group for new students, you'll find it via this link!

8 / Become a member and get involved in the student union!

The student union is your opportunity to enhance your study experience at the Swedish Defence University!

We organize social gatherings, trips, and exciting lectures that you will remember for a long time to come!

The student union also works to improve your education and offers you the opportunity to get involved in representing your fellow students in various university bodies.

As a member of the student union, you always receive discounts on our events, and you gain access to student discounts and SSSB's housing queue! Membership costs 150 SEK/semester, and you can join via the page "become a member"!

The student union also has an international student's representative, who works to enhance the experience of international students, you can contact them with questions via the contact form above!

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