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New union house!

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Have you had difficulty finding seats in the union house? Or do you wish there were more cutlery? And finally, you might be wondering who stole the microwaves from the Propeller...? The solution to all these problems is now here: The new union house. In the new union building, there are more study room,s, group rooms, eating areas and microwave ovens, as well as even more utensils!

The union boards office will continue to be located in the "old" house, just like before. What the old house will be used for in the future remains to be seen.

Missing something?

Do you feel like something is missing from the new location? Or have you noticed any problems with the poremises? Please fill out this form and we will see if it can be resolved!

How to get there The new union house is located at Drottning Kristinas Väg 33A, behind the main building. You will find our rooms upstairs.

Below you will find a very advanced map that shows the easiest way to get there.

RED CIRCLE = New union-house

BLUE CIRCLE = "Old" union-house

RED LINE = Fastest route from the main entrance to the new union building

BLUE LINE = Fastest route from the "Old" house to the new one.

Entrance to the new building. (Image: Google Earth/Street View)

Future activities

I would like to briefly take this opportunity to do some advertising for the student union's upcoming activities:

April 18: Open board meeting at 16:00, in Leijonsköldska.

At the board meeting, you are given an insight into how a typical board meeting takes place, and are given the opportunity to ask questions to the board.

April 25: General meeting at. 16:00 in Sverigesalen.

Among other things, elections for a new board and president of the union board will be held. All members have voting rights. This is the perfect opportunity to make your voice heard and influence the student body!

You can find more information in your student email.

This has been the first post in english, but we hope to "internationalize" the student union more in the futher, to allow for everyone to receive the best information and feel like they are part of the student union.

All the best and I hope to see you on April 25th!



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