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Common questions  
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How do I become a member?

I don't have a social security number (personnummer), can I still become a member?

I am a PhD student and a member of the student union but have not received access to mecenat. Why?

Can I become a union member and join SSSB's housing queue, even though I am not studying at SEDU?

I am experiencing problems with my course/teacher.

SSSB can not find my union membership.

What is mecenat?

Housing queue!?

I have paid my membership fee but it is not visible in the mecenat-app!

I am unable to complete the payment for membership.

What is SSSB?

How can I get involved in the student union?

​I have failed an examination/essay and do not understand why.

​I do not have the SL logo on my mecenat card, even though I am a member. Can I still buy a ticket for the reduced student price?

I feel that I have been discriminated against/I do not feel safe.

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