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Union activities

Student union sections

The student union's core task is to conduct study monitoring activities at the Swedish National Defense College. As not all students study under the same conditions and conditions, this activity is arranged in four different sections

  • The Civil Section brings together civilian students at the bachelor's and master's level, this applies both to those who study in programs or those who study individual semesters.

  • The HOP section, is aimed at commissioned students in the program for higher officer training.

  • The doctoral student section is aimed at all doctoral students at the Swedish National Defense College.

Student union committee

Study Social Committee

The Student Social Committee is the part of the student union that works to promote a good community between the school's students by arranging different types of social events.


What is arranged depends on the committee's interest and commitment, but the basic activities are to carry out introductory activities for new students, arrange meetings, hold activities at the fair and a few different sports events.


The committee's activities shall be based on the students' interests and be directed at all the school's students. Anyone within the school can apply to join the committee and contribute to the work, but the committee leader must be a member of the union board.


The Student Social Affairs Committee cooperates with the officers' traditional trust organization 'High Council' and other unions.


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Labor market group compass (AMG)

The student union's labor market activities take place mainly through the Compass Labor Market Group (AMG). It is through AMG that the union, on behalf of its members, creates formal and informal contacts with the labor market.

Labor market activities are based on two things; student interest and societal benefits. The student interest always weighs heaviest and simply means that the union should primarily seek collaborations with actors that are relevant and interesting to the union members. Civilian and military. By societal benefit is meant primarily that the corps in its work should consider its role as a cooperative corps with a total defense authority. There may be certain players who would therefore be inappropriate to invite to market themselves.

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